Sally- Gresham, Oregon

Sample of leaf litter bags used by Sally's students


Sally teaches 6th grade Environmental Science at Gordon Russell Middle School in Gresham, Oregon.  She is on the advisory board of the Multnomah Education Service District's Outdoor School. Sally is also a part of the advisory council of the Oregon Paleolands Institute in Fossil, Oregon.

During the 2008 Teaching Ecological Complexity workshop, Sally worked on the Leaf Litter Research Project using the Litter Decomposition Protocol. Her final research paper was "Differences in decomposition of nitrogen-fixer and non-nitrogen fixer leaf litter in the HJ Andrews Experimental Forest, June 23-July 3, 2008".

Sally's students have collected, weighed, and placed leaf litter bags (shown above) around the Gordon Russell Middle School campus, at five Outdoor School sites, and at Mitchell school in Mitchell Oregon.  Later this year, the students will use the leaf litter data for a final inquiry project that will be included in their portfolios.  The project will coincide with the curriculum unit of soil creation, plant life cycle, and decomposers.




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